What are they?

A musical instrument, a sculpture, a stunning art installation…and a fully-functioning set of gates.

From the busy A2 road, the giant, gleaming stainless steel gates and railings of Rochester Independent College are an impressive sight. But they have a secret. Inside, they are a complex and beautiful musical instrument with the tonal range of an entire orchestra.

A public work of art that is simply fun and beautiful, the gates promise to be a glittering landmark in Rochester even when they are not being played.

Rochester Independent College founder and principal Brian Pain commissioned the gates and railings for the school’s main entrance on Star Hill back in 2003.

“I wanted to make an impact, to mark the founding and growth of the College in a way that demonstrates our individuality and dynamism but also creates something beautiful and, more importantly, fun,” explained Brian.

After years of planning, sound sculptor Henry Dagg began building the gates from scratch in 2012.

Installed in 2016 this unique instrument is now finally ready for its first public performance.

Watch a video of Henry building the gates and railings…


Musical Gates_9282